submitA forum for fiction and poetry, descant seeks high-quality work in either innovative or traditional forms. Fiction is usually 5000 words or fewer, poems sixty lines or fewer. We do, however, occasionally accept submissions exceeding these lengths. descant specifies no particular subject matter or style.

In 2024, our submission policies will be:

We’ll resume our regular reading period from 2/12/24 through 5/1/24.

Please submit only one (1) story to our regular reading period.

We are not soliciting poetry during this reading period.

We do, however, have a Special Call for Fiction and Creative Nonfiction dubbed The Time Capsule:

In addition to seeking general fiction submissions during the spring for our 2024 issue (Volume 63), the editors of descant welcome prose narratives (of both fiction and creative nonfiction) up to 5000 words, relating to the theme of The Time Capsule. See the call below, from current graduate Managing Editor Lori Salazar, for details and inspiration.

The Time Capsule

A keepsake to put away for the future, a token of childhood, a triumphant memory… the time capsule is a means to share wishes, hopes, dreams, and memories within an archive. How can a piece of writing signal to future readers how we live now: how we love, scorn, fear, aspire, and experience the world and its wonders. What do you want to say that cannot be said, seen, or heard unless it is unearthed for our descendants to discover twenty, fifty, or one hundred years from now? What does intelligence mean in the era of smart appliances, iPhones, Amazon, Reddit, TikTok, and ChatGPT? With polar ice caps melting, pollution clouding our air, rainforests being deforested by the hour, and war raging across the world, we still carry on with busy workweeks, and sink into beds dreaming of a better future when we rise. The time capsule will hold a kaleidoscope of human happenings, preserved in pages for future generations to read with fresh eyes.

Please be sure to submit to The Time Capsule, if you are answering this call.

Please be sure to indicate if the work is Fiction or Creative Nonfiction.

Deadline: May 1st, 2024


Writers must confirm that work accepted by descant has not been previously published and that they will credit descant as the original publisher whenever and wherever else the work may be placed.

Other than incarcerated persons, potential contributors should submit via our free online system, Submittable ( Submit up to five (5) poems, or one (1) single submission of fiction, up to 5000 words. Please submit no more than twice during each reading period.

Please send online submissions to Submittable:


If you can only send us your submission through traditional mail, you must include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your submissions to guarantee a reply, return, or acknowledgment of submissions.

Please send traditional submissions to:

c/o TCU Department of English
Box 297270
2850 S. University Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76129

Manuscripts must be time-stamped or postmarked from October 15 through March 15.

Please note: The process for reviewing submissions can take time, and the editors appreciate your patience as we look over your work. Decisions on submissions can take between four and six months. Please do not query before six months have passed.

Please send all questions and queries to