Month: October 2019

‘Ill Angels’ by Dante Di Stefano

Review by Brian Fanelli Since 2016, it’s been impossible to turn away from screaming headlines and global unrest. Ill Angels, Dante Di Stefano’s second full-length collection of poems, is a post-2016  book, but one that never mentions Donald Trump by name. There is a poem titled “The 45th” and poems written shortly before and after the election, but Di Stefano… Read more →

Four Poems by Gary McDowell

MY WIFE TURNS 39 The overnight part. Lightning like struck matches, distant, heat I cannot touch. Step into the ghost— it won’t mind—and pull yourself through the rain-glint. Your hands a halo, your voice a folio of do not disturb. The storm owes a debt. It drapes and cleaves in every direction. Memory at the speed of thunder, a refusal… Read more →