2022 cover
descant cover (V61), 2022

We’re excited to announce that our 2022 issue (vol 61!) has been released!

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2022 Prize Winners have been posted on our “Awards” page, and the Table of Contents is available below!




Fiction by John Fulton

    • Wedding Party


Poems by Jim Daniels

    • New Music for Silent Films
    • Back at Sixty
    • Grad School Debutante Ball
    • Made in Detroit
    • The Sixth Sense


Poems by Claudia Schatz

    • French Kissing
    • Awaiting the End of Your Workday


Fiction by Julie Zuckerman

    • Rehabilitation


Poem by Gordon Taylor

    • Swipe Left


Poem by Joelle Schumacher

    • If Nothing Else We’ ll Eat Well


Poem by Pamela Hobart Carter

    • Dear One, You are soft


Fiction by Martin Penman

    • Men from Delaware


Poem by Darren C. Demaree

    • in defense of the goat that continues to wander towards the certain doom of the cliff #36

Poem by Paul David Adkins

    • Arthur Herman Bremer Upbraids Himself When He Missed an Attempt to Assassinate President Richard M. Nixon Due to Spending Too Much Time Brushing His Teeth and Concerning Himself With His Appearance if Arrested for the Shooting


Fiction by Patrick J. Murphy

    • The Dying of the Light


Poems by Su Hwang

    • that which binds
    • electric jellyfish


Poems by Nnadi Samuel

    • Nature knows a little about Slave Trade
    • A Boy ago
    • Aye! Gulorbo
    • Erasure
    • A Wreckful Planting of small Pockets of Thirst


Fiction by Linda Woolford

    • A New Life


Featured Artist, Andrew Binkley

    • Biography
    • Artist’s Statement


Featured Poet, Arthur Smith (1948-2018)

    • In Tribute
    • Jack Gilbert’s Classroom
    • Mojave
    • Something to Hold


Fiction by Vaughn Wright

    • Most Any Other Night

Poems by Bethany Reid

    • The Daffodils
    • Practicing Scales


Poem by Colin Jeffrey Morris

    • Emerson in Florida


Fiction by Wendy BooydeGraaff

    • Surgeon


Poem by Satoshi Iwai

    • Place for Winter


Poems by Elisabeth Murawski

    • My Wife in Joy and Sorrow
    • Restless
    • Isolated


Fiction by Cristina Hartmann

    • The Treasure Room


Poem by Jen Ross

    • Reluctant bride


Poem by Despy Boutris

    • Another Poem on Want


Fiction by Michael McGuire

    • Centenario


Contributor Notes    


2022 Award Winners

Selected by Guest Judge Bryn Chancellor