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We’re excited to announce that our 2021 issue (vol 60!) has been released!

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2021 Prize Winners have been posted on our “Awards” page, and the Table of Contents is available below!




Poems by Sean Thomas Dougherty

  • Eleven
  • Two
  • If Edith Piaf Has a Voice Like a Sparrow
  • The Stars Are on Lockdown
  • My Wife Never Ate Asparagus


Fiction by Lucy Zhang

  • The 37% Rule


Poem by Tom Montag

  • from “The Woman in an Imaginary Painting”


Poem by Mary Wemple

  • Cherry Picking


Poem by Kurt Olsson

  • All the Time in the World


Poem by Michael Milburn

  • Selfie at Sixty


Poem by Judith Skillman

  • Incunabula


Poem by Seth Jani

  • Painted Forest


Fiction by Jeffrey Wolf

  • Glances


Poem by Tim DeJong

  • Now That We Know the World Is Ending


Poems by Todd Davis

  • Extinction
  • Music for Film Before the Destruction of a Drone


Fiction by Matt Izzi

  • North Goes South


Poems by Cindy King

  • Upriver (North Fort Myers, Florida)
  • Ctrl+Alt+Del


Poem by Erik Kennedy

  • The Safety Coffin


Poems by Colin Jeffrey Morris

  • The White Reserves
  • Audubon at Niagara


Fiction by Harli James

  • The Choosing Room


Featured Artist, Cricket Desmarais

  • Biography & Artist’s Statement


Poem by Warren Woessner

  • Waiting for Water


Poem by Douglas Cole

  • Dupont Circle


Poems by J.H. Hall

  • Indifferent Time
  • Blue John


Poem by Derek Otsuji

  • Saint Damien and the Pigeons at the State Capitol on Pinwheels for Prevention Day


Fiction by Joanna Milstein

  • Paul


Poems by John Poch

  • Meditation at the Bar on Top of Castello Aragonese
  • Return to Forio


Poem by Lynne Schmidt

  • The Flag


Fiction by Sean Littlefield Chumley

  • That Could Be Us Someday


Poems by Dan Veach

  • Paddling the Pawcatuck
  • School Supplies
  • It


Poem by Devon Miller-Duggan

  • Stare, Prayer, Glare



Poem by K. A. McGowan

  • Woke


Fiction by Vishwas R. Gaitonde

  • Vermin


Poem by Priscilla Long

  • August Garden


Poem by William Greenway

  • One Hundred Years of Beatitude


Poem by Timothy Dodd

  • To Van Gogh’s House


Fiction by Jacqueline Guidry

  • Acting the Fool


Poem by KB

  • A Bad Breakup with Air


Poems by Adam Clay

  • Reading Out Loud to Myself
  • Sleep Test
  • Leftovers


Fiction by Douglas Silver

  • Lovers


Contributor Notes


2021 Award Winners — Selected by Guest Judge Toni Jensen