I Believe

Essay by Rose Napoli


I have never believed in anything supernatural. My family is not religious, but we believe in scientific facts. I have never believed in ghosts, monsters, fairies, unicorns, zombies,  dragons, or mermaids, but I have frequent nightmares. I do not believe in true love or soulmates, considering no couple is perfect and never will be. I have never believed that my mother would say that I am no different than my classmates because I knew that I wasn’t. I do not believe in miracles, only extremely important medical practices. I believe in my ophthalmologist, who knows exactly what my prescription will be every year ever since I was three. I believe my mother is definitely Wonder Woman. I believe that my brother will become a famous rockstar, and my other brother will be some award-winning scientist. I believe my stepfather is the best chef in the world, and could definitely beat all of the celebrity chefs in a cooking competition. I believe that my mother acted as mother and father to me until I was eleven, I believe that my relationship with my father will always be rocky and awkward, but drag racing and funny cars will bring us together. I believe that my youngest brother will cry when I go away to college.  I believe in both the good and bad in people.

I believe that people should never make heart attack jokes. I believe that lifting a stretcher into an ambulance is easier than it looks. I believe that CPR is one of the most important things that someone can learn and that everyone should be certified, and everyone should have to carry pocket masks and gloves with them, the same way people carry around their wallets. I believe that medical procedures are not miracles, but extensive training, common sense, and knowledge. I believe the sphygmometer and stethoscope along with a set of gloves and a flashlight are mightier than any sword. I believe that anyone could be saved if time were infinite. I believe that the Automatic External Defibrillators in this school should work and maintained regularly.  I believe that people can be the best and worst things on this planet.

I believe that March 27th will always be a bittersweet day for me. I believe that my dog will always be happy to see me when I come home from school. I believe that my dog loves fuzzy blankets more than anything else. I believe that punk rock is not evil. I believe that Stage Four Retinopathy of Prematurity will never stop me. I believe that I will never pass an eye exam without someone saying how bad my vision is. I believe that I will never be an airplane pilot. I believe that a millionaire will help me find a cure for Retinopathy of Prematurity and that he already has. I believe that college will change me for the better and that high school is the worst years anyone can experience, but, I believe teachers are the most important people that you will ever encounter. I believe in kindness even when others are not kind to me.


Rose Napoli is currently a 19-year-old college student with a major in Occupational Therapy.