Excerpts from the current issue:

“Girls, she saw,

were caverns. Better to be a forest instead. The last fall leaves

are falling on the well-trod path, the wolf inside her

making his way to the cabin and the garden”

-Nancy Reddy, “Little, Red”


“I’m Nobody, but you are Conch shells and haikus: asleep you become/ marshland full of nesting birds/ at light you are songs”

-Sean Thomas Dougherty, “You Are Beautiful as the Absence of the Air”


“The spine said, in faint gold letter, New Hampshire. From a tourist, I guessed, a travel book, but when I flipped through, it was nothing but poems. On the inside cover was the black-ink scrawl of a guy’s name. Robert Frost. I was in the habit of writing my name in all of my books– our teachers drilled it into us– but I knew better than to look around for Robert Frost on the ferry, because Robert Frost– I knew– was an old dead poet.”

-Ann Glaviano, “New Hampshire”


“Chimika was surprised when her acquaintances, her patients, her lovers referred to her as American. She once had caught the pastor of her church off guard by reminding him that she was a Sri Lankan. He had looked confused and then had started to explain, ‘But you’re so…’ He thought better of whatever it was he was going to say and changed the subject. He never finished his thought.”

-Hasanthika Sirisena, “Treble Seven, Double Naught”


descant 2015 Table of Contents

Poems by Nancy Reddy


Little, Red


Before the Catalog of Boats

My Father Flying Home From War, 1975

Revisionist Love Story


Short Story by Sharon Goldberg

What Makes Us Human


Poems by Michael Mlekoday

The Dead Eat Everything (Remix)

The Dead Eat Everything (Remix)

I Think I’m Almost Ready to See the Ocean

The Dead Eat Everything (Remix)


Short Story by Brent Kratz



Poems by Bruce Cohen

Human Mathematics

Non-Emergency Room


Poems by Sean Thomas Dougherty

Youngstown: Captured Light Stained Glass

You Are Beautiful as the Absence of the Air


Featured Artist, Nicola Mason


Poem by Gary McDowell

Sometimes Spilled Spices on a Countertop Look Like the Night Sky


Poems by Craig Morgan Teicher

The Night Before Cal’s Second Surgery

The Night After Cal’s Second Surgery

On Being Rejected by the Second Artist’s Colony This Year


Short Story by Ann Glaviano

New Hampshire


Poems by Sara Eliza Johnson


Black Hole


Poems by Lightsey Darst




Short Story by Hasanthika Sirisena

Treble Seven, Double Naught


Poems by Nicholas Regiacorte

American Mastodon

American Mastodon, at home

China in a Bullshop

American Mastodon, contemplates himself as art object

American Mastodon, ponders the flowers of his youth

American Mastodon, in which the conceit of himself weighs on his prospects for happiness

American Mastodon, to his fading vestiges